What is J-Milk?

J-Milk is a unique organization, which brings dairy farmers, dairy businesses and retailers together to represent Japan's whole milk supply chain.

J-Milk's Mission

 In order for the dairy farming and business of our country to contribute to the health of the nation and their rich eating habits through the stable supply of domestic milk and milk products and to build a strong trusting relationship with the public, it is indispensable that the people concerned constituting a milk supply chain maintain their reciprocal and stable relationship.
J-Milk provides milk influencers and the people concerned with dairy faiming and business with the information, which leads to the solution to common challenges of the dairy farming and business and to the value improvement of milk and dairy products. 

Who are the members of J-Milk?

J-Milk's role in the milk supply chain

"Milk supply chain" is the flow of the milk and dairy products from the producers to the consumers’ table such as the raw materials ⇒ production ⇒ circulation ⇒ sales. A more stable supply can be obtained by smoothly relaying milk from a dairy farmer to the dining table.
J-Milk is formed by the representatives from the "dairy farmers " "dair y businesses " and  "dair y products retailers "who are the core of the milk supply chain.

Who are the target receivers of J-Milk's information?

Milk influencer and support member

J-Milk uses the term "milk influencer " for the people in the fields of medicine, nutrition and education who have a big influence on the eating habits of general consumers and can convey the value of milk and dairy products.
Also, we call the people in the dairy farming, dairy business, specialist and administration who positively  support J-Milk’s activities a "support member ".

For the solution to the mutual challenges of dairy farming and businesses

For the mutual challenges and information about the stable supply of milk and dairy products and the security・the safety, we would like to contribute to the solution of such issues by maintaining trustworthy information and sharing it with people in the dairy industry.

Challenge 1

Stable supply of milk and dairy products

・Suggestion to contribute to stability of the dairy farm management
・ Offer of precise supply and demand information
・ Measures for the smooth raw milk distribution and for the milk and dairy products supply

Challenge 2

Offerling safety and security

・Respond to the national “ Positive List ” system
・Measures to prevent the residue of agricultural chemicals

Maintenance and practice of the information

We maintain various information and put it into practice for the problem solutions.

◆ Examination and practice for the solution of the dairy farming and business problems
◆ Accurate supply ・ demand prediction of raw milk , milk and dairy products, and its publication
◆ Correspondence to inspection and standards of raw milk concerned by the regulation of the country
◆ Operation of the certification system which aim to improve the precision management of the raw milk examination
◆ Stable supply of school milk Appropriate measures of the risk management for the disasters etc.

For the improvement of the value of milk and dairy products

We collect information about the scientifically based new evidence of nutrition and the health function, make such information easy, clear and adapted to the needs of the society and communicate the value of milk and dairy products to the general consumers through milk influencers etc..

Unraveling the new value

・ Dairy Products Health Science Council
・ Research Network of Dairy Social Culture
・ Milk Education Research Council

The “Japan Milk Academic Alliance” is the organisation which Japan’s highly recognised researchers of the various fields cooperate and carry out studies together. They build realiable information about the value of milk and dairy products.

Study of the trend in milk and dairy products eating habits

Unravel the essential needs of general consumers

◆ Eating habits and health problem
◆ Understanding and awareness for milk and dairy products
◆ Verification of the effect of information dissemination

Building information leading to the improvement of the value

To the information demanded by the general consumers

1. Collection of the knowledge

Implement by the “Japan Milk Academic Alliance”
Study related to the value improvement.
◆ Collecting information about Health,  Nutrition,  Industry,  Culture and the Educational value.

2. Development of information contents

◆ Developing simple expression
◆ Developing tools for easy understanding  (e.g. : Leaflet production, Facebook , etc . )
 Communication activity ( Offer of website, seminars, tools etc. )

About J-Milk

The history of J-Milk

1980  Establishment of the “ National Dairy Promotion and Research Association”

1981  Establishment of the “ National Council o f S chool Milk Supply”

2001  Establishment of the “ National Dairy I ntelligence Center Japan”

2004  Establishment of the incorporated association “Japan Dairy A ssociation” through the merger of  3 organisations; the “ National Dairy Promotion and Research Association”, the “ National Council of School Milk Supply” and the “ National Dairy Intelligence Center Japan”

2013  The “Japan Dairy Association” became the General Incorporated Association “J-Milk” following the reform of the public-interest corporations system

Members ( 24 members )

Dairy Farmers, Dairy Companies, Milk Retailers' Members ( 24 members ) Central Offices( 8 members)

Executive organisations of J-Milk

 What is J-Milk (PDF:1.6MB)

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