1952.09 Establishment of Japan Dairy Science Council.
1956.09 Approved as an IDF member at 41st IDF Annual Sessions.
1962.07 Licensed for establishment of The Japanese National Committee of International Dairy Federation (JIDF) (Corporate Juridical Person).
1972.10 Host of 56th IDF Annual Sessions (Tokyo).
1991.10 Host of 75th IDF Annual Sessions (Tokyo).
1999.10 Reforming of the structure of JIDF Expert Committee.
2004.03 Dissolution of JIDF as a corporate body.
2004.04 Establishment of JIDF as a non-corporate body. Amalgamation with Japan Dairy Technical Association (JDTA).
2004.06 Transfer of the residual property to JDTA.
2013.10 Hosted IDF World Dairy Summit (Yokohama)


Business of JIDF

IDF-related matters

  • Attendance at IDF General Assembly.
  • Holding of JIDF Expert Committee (ECs) Meetings.
  • Reply to IDF questionnaires.
  • Holding of JIDF ECs Chairman’s Meeting.
  • Attendance at IDF-related meetings:
    JIDF sends delegates to World Dairy Summit, IDF Standing Committees, Analytical Week, etc.
  • Distribution of information and publications from IDF to JIDF members.

FAO/WHO Codex Alimentarius Commission-related matters

  • Holding of JIDF Codex Committee Meetings.
  • Attendance at FAO/WHO Codex Committee-related meetings.
  • Distribution of information from FAO/WHO Codex Alimentarius Commission to JIDF members.

International Standards-related matters

  • Discussion of IDF/ISO Standards on methods for analyzing milk and milk products.
  • Collection and distribution of information on IDF/ISO Standards.

Collection and distribution of dairy information at home and abroad, and publicity activities.

  • Collection of dairy information at home and abroad.
  • Publication of “Bulletin of JIDF” etc.
  • Holding of meetings for reports by those attending IDF-related meetings and Codex Committee-related meetings.